The Drata Team

August 2023

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

Learn about the latest and newest features and updates every week. You can also visit the Roadmaps and Ideas page on our app to view upcoming releases or request new ideas.

Latest updates

CCM v4 (Cloud Controls Matrix v4)

Improve cloud computing security and privacy standards. For more information, go to Frameworks.

  • Added 4 new controls, 2 new policies, and 1 new risk.

Evidence Library

Upload evidence and directly link it to controls in your workspaces and update evidence with new versions. Evidence Library will replace Reports & Docs. For more information, go to the Evidence Library.

ISO 27017 & 27018 (Cloud Privacy + Cloud Security)

  • ISO 27017: Added to existing 35 requirements

  • ISO 27018: Added to the existing 14 requirements within 27001

For more information, go to Frameworks.

Policy acceptance overview

Download a CSV file of policy acceptance overview. The policy acceptance overview provides a summary and breakdown of the sampled personnel’s policy acceptance statuses on active policies. For more information, go to Personnel Overview (for customers) or Audit Package Control Evidence (for auditors).

Ticketing connections

10 new ticketing connections: Aha, Basecamp, Bitbucket, Freshdesk, Freshservice, Height, Hive, Teamwork, Wrike, and Zendesk.

Trust Center

  • Public File Watermarks: A new request flow for public files so now the requestor's information will be watermarked on public files (excludes XLSX files).

  • Pre-Approved Email Addresses: Users will be able to add specific email addresses for pre-approval.


Control Readiness status under control Info

View the readiness status of the control under control info section in control drawers.

Event in Event Tracking page

Added a new log (Company Document Downloaded type) when there is a download of CSVs from Personnel page.

Filters on Controls page

Added required approvals status as filters for controls on the Control page.

IdP enhancement for deleted roles

Deleted users that are restored in the customer’s IdP are automatically restored and can log in through SSO.

Personnel detail drawer in Personnel page

Showcases separation date only when applicable.

Vendor details on Vendors page

Enter the URLs with or without web protocols ( or for Vendor details drawer in Vendors page.

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