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New Home for Company Settings

When you sign into your Drata account, you may notice that company settings have a new home! In an effort to make Drata even easier to use, we created a new simplified view of your settings. Check out the details here.

Coming Monday: Autopilot test for DCF-154

“Annual Incident Response Plan Test” is a new test for DCF-154 that is coming soon to all customers. This test checks your records to determine if an incident response plan (IRP) test has been conducted within the last 12 months to ensure you are prepared for an audit.

Trust Center Topics and Common Questions

Prospective customers can now find all the information about your company’s security posture directly inside your Trust Center.* Our new Topics and Common Questions module in the Trust Center allows admins to submit free-form content, in topics or questions, that prospects can view.

*Please note Trust Center is an add-on feature

Control mapping for NIST CSF

As we continue to expand Drata’s continuous automation capabilities, Drata now has control mapping for NIST CSF. We've introduced DCF control mapping to NIST CSF requirements, along with updates, to further automate your experience.

Workspace One integration

Ready to further automate and monitor your security posture? Our new integration with VMWare Workspace ONE makes collecting compliance personnel data a breeze. Eliminate the need for manual reviews with fast, secure evidence collection using direct Mobile Device Management (MDM) integrations.

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Manage all your Drata accounts in one place!

Monitoring compliance for multiple business lines has never been easier. Multi-Instance Management allows companies with multiple Drata accounts the ability to sign in to a centralized view and navigate between accounts with ease.

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