Adam Markowitz

NEW FEATURE: The Dashboard

AUTHOR: Adam Markowitz

As your company grows, there are daily opportunities for your organization to "slip" out of compliance and for security gaps to form.  With Drata monitoring your controls, you can be confident in your overall security and compliance audit-readiness on any given day of the year. Every time you login to Drata, you should see exactly where you stand today vs. yesterday and every day since you began. You should be able to tell your future auditors the story of how your security posture was stood up and is being maintained, and now you can do just that...

Introducing the Dashboard:


Your failed Control Test widget points you right to where you need to go to address and fill your security gaps. Hit 100% passing and you're ready to fly through your next audit!


We'd love your feedback and can't wait to hear specific use cases!

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