The Drata Team

December 2023

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest updates

21 new HRIS connections

Added 21 HRIS connections. For more information about the newly added HRIS connections, go to Connect your HRIS to Drata.

Automation Tools, Swif connection

Connect to Swif on the Connection page under ‘Automation Tools’ and ‘MDM’ types. For more information, go to Set up Swif integration with Drata.

Background check auto-matching

Automatically links a background check to a personnel when a personnel has background check and HRIS connection. For more information about auto-matching, go to Background Check Management.

Control info and evidence across workspaces

Link control info, policies, and evidence across workspaces. For more information, go to Linking Control Info & Evidence Across Workspaces.

Vulnerability Scanner, Jit connection

Connect to Jit on the Connection page under ‘Vulnerability Scanner’ types. Jit is a partner connection which is managed externally by the provider. For more information, go to Partner Connections. To learn more about Jit, go to Jit documentation.

NIST AI Risk Management Framework (RMF) Training

Configure and complete NIST AI RMF training within Drata. For more information, go to NIST AI RMF Training.

SentinelOne, EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) integration

Monitor and collect evidence from SentinelOne. For more information, go to Connecting SentinelOne.


Audit Hub

  • Download and view previous downloads for pre-audit and control evidence package.

  • Download the latest Pre audit package and control evidence package generated, without having to request a new package generation.


  • Search by control approver name through the controls search bar.

  • Able to approve control without being forced to select a next approval deadline.

Event Tracking

View the URL of the Jira ticket that’s linked to personnel as off-boarding evidence in the raw JSON on Event Tracking page.

Merge-ticketing connections

Search for a contact through the dropdown menu to make a selection when creating tickets manually.

Policy Center

Map controls to policy directly from the Policy Center. You can also edit policy details and view which active frameworks are mapped to policies. To learn more, go to Policy Center: Link your policies to your controls.

Test 38 (Policies are Accepted by Employees)

Raw (JSON) evidence includes an array with the key ‘fail’ that indicates which policies are missing acceptance per personnel.

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