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GDPR is now live in Drata

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

GDPR (2).png

This week, we are excited to announce that we have launched our GDPR product to further streamline and simplify your compliance journey.

Here is a sneak peek of what’s included in our latest GDPR product:

Complete Library of GDPR Controls: With this new release, we added a library of GDPR controls associated with requirements. Take out the guesswork and always know what you need to remain in compliance with GDPR.

Information Security Policies: Drata’s current information security policies are GDPR-compliant, which means you can check off creating a ton of new policies from your to-do list.

Instant Visibility into your Security Posture: With this latest product, you can continue to feel confident in where your security posture stands, any time, any day. View all of your frameworks inside of Drata.

Framework Control Overlap: Since you are using Drata for SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI, or HIPAA, you will notice some controls overlapping with GDPR.

Interested in learning more about our latest product? Reach out to your customer success manager today to get a tour!

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