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Introducing Drata’s Open API

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

There’s no end in sight on our roadmap for features that will make risk and compliance more accessible to you and today’s launch is one big step towards that goal, introducing Drata’s Open API!

Our Open API will help you enter a new stage of security—going from integration-driven to truly open and customizable automation.

It's now live and available in your account.

Check out the highlights below or read more in our help article here (sign in to view).

Here are some highlights:

Critical endpoints: Allow your engineering team to easily connect Drata’s powerful automation to critical systems like security training solutions, background check providers, MDM systems, and more. No need to store evidence separately anymore.

Quick and easy implementation: Since it was built on the user-friendly and widely-used REST API standards, your developers will be able to connect with any third-party solution. We have full documentation here to ensure an effective integration.

Granular access and control: Determine what access level you want to give. Assign read and write permissions for every API key and per-endpoint bases, and revoke permissions as you see fit.

Click-and-go automations: Our team has built pre-made templates for your most common use cases. With little to no code, you can start bringing in critical information. In addition, if you use automation tools such as Tines, Torq, and, you can unlock access to hundreds of additional integrations to Drata.

We’re excited to show you around this new feature and look forward to helping you build an even stronger and unified security program.

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