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Meet The New Audit Hub: Effortless Collaboration and Communication

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

We know that the audit process can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced security professionals.

That’s why we’re excited to share a new enhanced version of our Audit Hub, designed to make the audit process even more seamless and straightforward for you.

We’ve built the Audit Hub alongside our auditor alliances, working with the industry’s top firms to design a frictionless experience for you and your auditors.

What’s New in Audit Hub?

In Platform Collaboration & Communication

You can send and receive messages with your auditor, see assigned tasks, and monitor progress as it happens (receive email notifications for communication).

Evidence Requests & Approvals

Auditors can easily request and approve evidence and you will have clear visibility on any open items your auditor is still waiting on.

Evidence Automation

Once you have selected the Audit date range, all evidence will be automatically pulled from Drata into Audit Hub.

Team Based Audits

Invite multiple auditors into the hub, allowing a team to work on your audit.

Going Through an Audit?

Have peace of mind that these new changes will not disrupt your audit process. We’re working closely with our auditor alliances to train them on this new Audit Hub. This will make the process even more streamlined!

Have questions? As always, hit "Drata Live" in the upper right-hand corner with any questions.

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