The Drata Team

November 2023

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

Learn about the latest and newest features and updates every week. You can also visit the Roadmaps and Ideas page on our app to view upcoming releases or request new ideas.

Latest updates

AWS GovCloud Beta

Connect Amazon Web Services GovCloud (aka "AWS GovCloud") connection to Drata. For more information, go to Connect AWS GovCloud (Beta).

Control Readiness Approval

Set up internal review and approval flows for controls. For more information, go to:

Evidence Library Cloud Upload

Connect OneDrive, Sharepoint, Box and Dropbox cloud file storage to Drata in Evidence Library. For more information, go to Evidence Library.

Security Reviews Connection - HeyIris.AI

New partner connection HeyIris.AI. Visit Partner Connection or HeyIris.AI help pages to learn more.

User Access Review

Review how much access each user’s account has with Drata, when utilizing Okta as an Identity provider. For more information, go to User Access Reviews for Okta.


Audit Hub

Shorten Audit Hub’s control evidence file names for test evidence, personnel pdf, control evidence file and zip, and concatenated the control files names. In addition, we’ve added an auditinfo.txt file that shares Company NameWorkspace NameFramework, and Audit Time Period.

Jira Ticket Automation

Include a link to the respective test or control on the resulting ticket in Jira to navigate to the area in the Drata app that they need to land on.

MDM connection - Jamf Pro

MDM synchronization leverages email address field and then username field so that devices can get accurately linked to a personnel.

Monitoring drawer

Select ‘See raw test evidence’ to go to the Event Tracking page.

Personnel Compliance Overview

Updated the timestamps and content in the PDF and CSV. We've also added completion dates to all the compliance checks in the PDF and CSV.

Ticketing filter

Available and supported for all ticketing connections where write-permission is supported.


Download the filtered view by Active or Archived vendors.

Vendor Details

Add Vendors by entering two required fields (Vendor Name and Vendor URL) and classify vendors by status (Active, Under Review, Flagged, On Hold, Approved, Rejected, Onboarded) and type (Vendor, Supplier, Contractor, Partner, Other).

Vendor Profile

Created new sections (vendor details, internal details) so that it is easier to find and edit the information they needed within our Vendor drawer. Visit Vendor Management to learn more.

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