The Drata Team

October 2023

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

Learn about the latest and newest features and updates every week. You can also visit the Roadmaps and Ideas page on our app to view upcoming releases or request new ideas.

Latest updates

Custom risk scoring

Customize your risk scoring to align with how the organization measures risks. For more information, go to Custom Risk Scoring & Legend.

Customer Welcome Experience

Launched the new welcome experience for onboarding customers into Drata. Drata personnels can experience the welcome experience, beginning from when the login Drata to the end. Personnels can input their goals and learn how Drata works.

Future hire personnel support

Set a hire date for future personnels in Drata. For more information, go to Future Hire Personnel.

New file formats

Evidence Library, miscellaneous control evidence, and risk management accepts five (5) new file formats: ZIP, CSV, TXT, Markdown, and JSON. For more information, go to New File Format support.

RBAC: Extended Roles

Added read-only options for each role and created additional roles: Control manager, Personnel compliance manager, and Policy manager.

For more information, go to Role Administration & RBAC, RBAC - Workspace Manager Role, and RBAC - Inviting a Guest Administrator.


Audit Hub

  • Provides a toast message for auditors on certain frameworks indicating they cannot download the evidence because the audit has passed the expiration date.

  • Auditors can edit the request title and description under the details section of the Request page.

  • Auditors can switch between read_only mode and Audit Hub without needing to logout and log back in.

Background Check Connection

BG Check syncs with Autopilot.


View more than 20 frameworks in the Framework page.

Internal Notes

Risk management users can add internal notes when adding new risks. Control users can add internal notes when adding new custom controls.

Risk Management

Download a filtered view of risks for Risk Register.

Version Control Connection - GitLab

Alternative connection method to GitLab. You can connect through a personal access token.

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