The Drata Team

September 2023

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

Learn about the latest and newest features and updates every week. You can also visit the Roadmaps and Ideas page on our app to view upcoming releases or request new ideas.

Latest updates

Audit Hub

Upload evidence directly from the control drawer on the request page within Audit Hub. Auditors are notified with a system message and email. For more information, go to Audit Hub.

Assets page

Apply filters and download those filtered views into a CSV on the Assets page.

GitLab issues ticket creation

Integrate GitLab to Drata. You can create GitLab tickets within Drata or synchronize ticket changes made on GitLab to Drata. For more information, go to Create Tickets for GitLab Issues.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Select which personnel or specific groups into Drata when using Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace as your IdP.

Risk management

Manage risk tasks that risk managers can view to manage risks and view the personnel’s role when assigning a personnel to a risk. For more information, go to Tasks.

Workspaces - Jira ticket automation

Create Jira automation rules for each workspaces. Tickets are created automatically for controls and tests for a specific workspace. For more information, go to Ticket Automation (Jira-only).



Download all assets or a filtered view on Assets page.

Audit Hub emails notification

Contains the company name, workspace, and framework name.

IdP and HRIS Connection

Displays personnel status as ‘Former’ from the Idp when the status is not found from the HRIS connection.



  • Sort by control code or control name on the Controls page.

  • Auditors can download individual evidence from a request for each control or also select multiple control evidence downloads within a single request.


For each workspace, frameworks are alphabetized from ascending order on the Frameworks page.

Help Menu

Updated Roadmap, ideas, and releases to contain new features so that customers can know what new features are coming.

Human Resources

Revamped descriptions for background checks on the Human Resources page. For more information, go to Human Resources.


Filter by linked tickets that are “in progress” or “done” on the Monitoring page.

Policy Acceptance CSV

Policy acceptance CSV includes personnel’s hire date. You can compare the hire date to when policies were accepted.

Ticketing Connection - Freshservice

Added search functionality to Freshservice ticketing connection when creating Freshservice tickets in Drata. For more information, go to Create Tickets for Freshservice.


Download all vendors or a filtered view on the Vendors page.

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