Adam Markowitz

NEW FEATURE: Test Your Security Controls at Any Time

AUTHOR: Adam Markowitz

We are so excited to ship this powerful new feature: The Test Now Button! 🚀

Drata automatically tests your security controls every day and alerts you when there are failed tests to address so that you can fix them and stay secure and compliant. Drata also automatically collects the evidence of these tests to save you hundreds of hours getting and staying audit ready! This is all great, but what about the ability to re-test any one of these controls anytime you want! That's what the "Test Now Button" allows you to do. 

For any control test, you can click the button to manually test or re-test any control at any time. Give it a try! Most tests will take 3-5 minutes to run, so once you click, feel free to exit the panel and continue with your business in Drata. 

Next Up: Email notifications with the results of the manually re-tested control so you don't have to keep the browser open.

Screenshot of the Test Now Button (yes, we use Drata for our own security and compliance 🙂)


Help Article with more information on the Test Now Button

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