The Drata Team

Week of February 12th

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest Updates

User Access Review Connection

Released nine (9) user access review connections: HubSpot, Datadog, Sentry, Heroku, Slack, Cloudflare, Miro, Snowflake, and Segment.

  • Only for customers who already have UAR enabled have these connections available to them.


Event Tracking page

Select the ticket outlined in description for an event on the Event Tracking page to learn more ticket information.

RBAC: Restricted View

Control managers and risk managers with restricted views can only create or modify tasks that they are the owners of.


Added two new fields: Integrations and Annual Contract Value.

  • Integrations: Document how vendors are integrated with each other to determine a holistic risk profile that a vendor poses to your business.

  • Annual Contract Value: Add the financial scale of your vendors and the financial risk a vendor poses to your organization in case of a realized security risk.

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