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Week of January 15th

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest updates

IdP Connection Requirement update - Enterprise SSO

Added an IdP connection pre-requisite enforcement for Enterprise SSO connections to ensure that customers do not lock themselves out of their tenants when trying to connect their systems for logging into Drata.

RBAC: Restricted View

Control managers will only have access to controls they own, controls they are an approver, and controls mapped to tasks they own. Risk managers will only have access to risks they own, and risks mapped to tasks they own.

  • Restricted view turned on by default.

  • Admins can allow control manager and risk managers to access all controls and risks by turning off restricted view for each manager.

  • Existing control managers & risk managers access will not change unless updated by an admin.

Trust Center for workspaces

If you have access to workspaces, you can publish and maintain a separate Trust Center for each workspace.

  • DocuSign integration for NDA approval workflows and Subprocessors are is company-level configuration.


Audit Hub

Improve Auditor experience by preventing the user from downloading and stating that there’s no evidence attached.

Control approvals

  • Created new event logs: Control Updated to Needs Approval, Control Failed Update to Needs Approval for control approvals.

  • Update control status to approved to prepare for approvers when mapping a control to a policy from Policy Center.

  • Added ability to bulk delete control approvals.

DCF library

With control details reset, users can access Drata's latest DCF template for any of their DCF controls, ensuring that they always have access to Drata's official guidance at any time.

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