The Drata Team

Week of January 1st

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest updates

Background checks Connection - Checkr

Ability to synchronize International (including Canada) background checks from Checkr connection. Go to Connecting Checkr to Drata to learn more.

CSV IdP manual upload

Enhanced more accepted values within the CSV file for manual CSV import for IdP. For more information, go to Manually uploading your personnel with a CSV file.


Manage Connected Version Control Accounts

Provided in app text explanation of what this page contains. Go to Manage and link connected version control accounts to learn more.

Personnel page

Dynamically hides the 'Agent Installed' column on the personnel page if the customer does not use Agent which is configured in 'Settings' > 'Internal Security'.

Risk scoring legend

Add level definitions to each impact and likelihood level in the risk register settings drawer.

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