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Week of January 29th

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest Updates

Access Reviews - Microsoft 365

Complete user access reviews with Okta or Microsoft 365 as your IdPs. To learn more, go to User Access Reviews, Okta Setup, and Microsoft 365.

SOC2's TSC to Security Only

Get your SOC 2 attestation faster and essentially manage less. Learn more at Set SOC 2 Trust Service Criteria to Security Only, Framework Requirements, and Framework Readiness.

  • Note: When workspace customers enable SOC 2 to a new workspace, then they receive the new SOC 2 Scoping. Existing workspaces in tenants are not affected.

Vendor Directory with Okta SSO Suggestions

Okta SSO Suggestions is now available to all TPRM Pro customers. Enable Okta SSO and user access review to have SSO connected applications suggestions in your Vendor Directory page to add as Vendors. Vendors can also be added through the bulk upload feature. Learn more at Vendor Suggestions through Okta SSO.


Control manager

With restricted view, control managers cannot create new controls. Learn more at RBAC Roles.

Control flow

Bulk remove and assign control approvers when there’s a required approval set up for the controls.

Guest administrators

Display the account name and logo when they access a client's account. When workspace is enabled, the primary workspace name and logo is displayed in Settings > Company Info > Common Name.

Personnel page

  • Sort the Status Sync column to easily find personnels whose details are not updating with daily syntonization.

  • Displays training completion date when hovering over the Security training column on the personnel list table.


Filter policies by owner.

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