The Drata Team

Week of July 1

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

Learn about the latest and newest features and updates every week. You can also visit the Roadmaps and Ideas page in our app to view upcoming releases or request new ideas.

Latest updates

New role for DevOps engineers
Now you can provide a more tailored experience to technical members of your team with the DevOps engineer role. This role includes access to tests and events while removing most other parts of the product to limit exposure to sensitive information.

Revision history for policies
We’ve made it easier to collaborate with your auditors by adding policy history when you download your policies. Previously, it could take a lot of time and manual effort to get your auditor the details they need, but now you simply need to download the file and share it with them.

Custom fields for vendors
If you have the Foundation or Advanced package, now you’ll be able to tailor Drata to your organization’s specific needs by creating custom fields in Vendors.

  • Custom fields can help you facilitate your specific workflows.

  • You can add custom fields to both the Vendor details and Internal details sections.

  • Bulk vendor uploads will include your custom fields.

  • CSV downloads include customer fields to make it easier to import to other applications.


Added AWS Organization Units support for Adaptive Automation
If you use AWS Organization Units, now you’ll be able to create your own tests. This gives you the flexibility to configure Drata even further for your organization’s unique needs.

Added new classification of errors for AWS SDK/API
Now certain exceptions related to AWS permissions or SCP policy restrictions will show up as warnings instead of errors.

Help article updates

API documentation updates

  • Added sample responses for many GET articles with “Find” in the title.

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