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Week of June 10

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest Updates

Compliance as Code

Note: For those with the Advanced plan, CaC Pro will be automatically available. For those with Foundation plans, CaC Pro will be available as an add-on.

Drata enables you to monitor compliance readiness by embedding checks throughout your entire software development lifecycle, enabling you to catch and resolve compliance and security issues within your codebase before production. To learn more, go to Compliance as Code documentation (available to signed-in Drata users).

  • Connect to 90+ cloud technologies and DevOps tools for complete coverage across the software development lifecycle.

  • ¬†Identify the most common infrastructure misconfigurations impacting controls with 25+ newly added tests.

  • Seamlessly solve issues within your codebase. Drata will catch issues within your codebase and provide a pull request with the current code, recommended code fix, and complete context (such as related technical documentation and location of the code within git).

Only customers who use GitHub for version control and Terraform as their Infrastructure as Code (IaC) will be able to fully utilize this capability.

Track your risk scores over time

Note: This is available for Risk Management users. 

Drata allows you to track changes in your risk scores over time, helping you identify emerging risks, understand the impact of your mitigation efforts, and proactively adjust your strategies. Visit our Risk Management page to try this feature. You can adjust the time frame, view inherent and residual scores over time, and download these graphs to share with executives or team members. For more information, refer to our Risk Management Insights help article.


Resource Guide for custom tests

Revitalized the user interface for the Resource Guide when creating custom tests on the Monitoring page.

Help article updates

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