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Week of June 24

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest Updates

Advanced editor for custom tests

Create complex custom tests with ease using our new advanced editor on the Test Builder page. The advanced editor enables you to write tests that can evaluate any data pulled into Drata from your systems, making it ideal for security and compliance engineers. Learn more in our Advanced editor in the Test Builder help article.

Key benefits

  • Complex Logic Handling: Evaluate nested and array attributes to create sophisticated tests.

  • Syntax Validation: Line-by-line syntax validation to easily troubleshoot test logic.

  • IntelliSense Support: Provides code completion and suggestions for available values.

15 new access review connections for you to integrate to Drata

Streamline your access reviews effortlessly in Drata. The newly available connections include Aircall, 15five, Rollbar, Egnyte, Qlik, Bullhorn, OpenVPN, Sophos, MeisterTask, TalentLMS, Oneflow, RingCentral, Articulate, Dialpad, and Tableau.

Audit Hub updates

Enjoy a smoother audit process as our partners, A-Lign and AssuranceLab, can now integrate their own tools with Drata using our OpenAPI features. We also improved the overall interface of Audit Hub, refactored endpoints for better performance and reliability, and enhanced download routes to streamline auditor access to data


Easily troubleshoot your test with Wiz connection

If you use Wiz connections, you can now directly access and resolve errors found after running a test. Simply go to the Monitoring page, select and run the test, and then use the links in the Actions column underneath the Last test results section within the test drawer to address any errors directly in Wiz.

Improved clarity for manually changing status

When you manually update the status of former personnel, there is now a warning modal explaining that a policy may fail, ensuring clarity and helping you make informed decisions.

Navigate to corresponding tests from the Events page

From the Event Tracking page, you can now select the test name in the Event Details drawer to go directly to the related test.

Help article updates

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