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Week of June 3

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest Updates

Integrate Notion to Drata

We're thrilled to introduce the integration of Notion with Drata, making us the first to use Notion APIs to seamlessly sync your policy documents from Notion to Drata. Learn more about connecting at Connect to Notion.

17 new access review connections for you to integrate to Drata

Streamline your access reviews effortlessly in Drata. The newly available connections include Autodesk, Elastic, Render, Terraform, Domo, Envoy, Scaleway, JetBrains, Fivetran, Intercom, Freshdesk, Freshservice, Bitbucket, Aha, Hive, Front, and Wrike.

Bulk Testing on the Monitoring Page

Introducing the Test now button on the Monitoring page! Selecting the Test Now button will result in Drata running all or a subset of the tests.

  • Run all tests in bulk: Select the Test now button without applying filters.

  • Run a subset of tests in bulk: Apply filters and then select the Test now button. This will run all the resulting tests based on the filters.

Resource Guide for Adaptive Automation

The Resource Guide provides detailed information about available attributes and the structure of the data, ensuring you know what to test and how to create valid tests. To learn more, go to Custom Test Builder Resource

GCP connection: Virtual Assets and other resource types now supported

Note: Manually connecting GCP to Drata requires additional permissions on the GCP service account. If you utilize our GCP Terraform setup script and GCP console setup script, you do not need to worry about these permissions as they have already been included in the scripts.

You can now automatically record user asset inventory, which is a key control for SOC2 and ISO27001 in many instances. Other resources types for GCP: 

  • Google Compute Engine 

  • Google Persistent Disk 

  • Google Cloud Run

  • Google Container Registry 

  • GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine)

  • Google Cloud Storage Regional and Multi-Regional 

  • Cloud SQL 

  • Google Cloud CDN

New status for service accounts

Utilize this new status for service accounts and we will automatically add a note indicating it is a service account, which can be edited later. Go to the Personnel page and mark the desired individuals with the out-of-scope (service account) status.


Audit Hub Updates

We’ve simplified the audit process by reducing the steps required to generate a sample download. Now, auditors and individuals within Audit Hub do not need to make personnel selections for hired, terminated, and employed personnel when generating a sample download. 

Policy Updates

We’ve updated the Last Updated date for policies.

  • For authored policies with a non-material change, the Last Updated date is when the change was made. 

  • For all other policies and flows, the Last Updated date in My Drata reflects the last approved date of the policy.

Test 64 Updates

In both the Test 64 drawer, the information shown in the Drata Device column is now the Drata device serial number (such as HUKT29NR6F32VA28MOUB) instead of the device type (such as MacBook Pro 14-in (2021)). You can hover over the Drata device serial number to view the device type.

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