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Week of March 18th

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest Updates

Adaptive Automation

Create and edit custom tests with adaptive automation when AWS is connected to Drata. To learn more, go to Create a new test, Edit a custom test, and AWS Resource Permissions.

  • Custom Test Creation: Create and manage your own tests across all supported AWS services. For each service we pull in all the available attributes with a test builder that allows them to use filtering, conditional groups, and nested conditions, offering unparalleled flexibility and control over our compliance and security monitoring processes.

  • Test Lifecycle Management: Edit the tests you created with end to end test lifecycle management. When editing a test, a draft version is created where users can configure the test logic and exclusions. Evidence can be collected and viewed for the draft without it affecting their original published test. Publish the test to update the original.

  • Enhanced Infrastructure Service Coverage: As part of adaptive automation, we support additional services starting with 28 new AWS services for custom test creation, broadening our compliance monitoring posture.


Automate the evidence collection process when your personnel completes any assigned training (Security Awareness, HIPAA, or AI Awareness).


Access Review page

Added Admin filter on Assigned Personnel List page for each application under Access Review page.

Version Control auto-matching

Re-syncs matching for unlinked version control accounts when new matching variables from HRIS or version control connections are synced.

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