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Week of May 13

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest Updates

Upload images directly into your policies

Policies can require images such as organization branding (logos), diagrams, procedures, or charts. Now, you can add up to 5 images to your policies in Drata. To learn more go to our help article about Policy Builder

Tailor Drata to your needs by utilizing our custom fields

Custom Fields is now available for our customers with the Foundation bundle plan.

With custom fields, you can easily capture and report the data that you need such as creating a custom field to capture a specific control category. Just go to Custom Fields in Settings when you’re ready to try it out! Read our custom fields overview to learn more.


Create risks through Security questionnaires

You can create risks directly in security questionnaires on the Vendors page. The security questionnaires that are completed or uploaded have a Create risk button for you to create risks. 

Easily view and download failures in a test

You can download a CSV file of the failing resources of your infrastructure tests. The CSV file includes the provider name, account ID or client alias, resource name, and failing message. Go to our Monitoring page, select a failing test, and select the upload icon under the Last test result section. You can download the resources under the Included and Excluded tabs.

Improved experience for re-enabling IdP and HRIS sync from the Personnel page

We added a warning modal if you attempt to sync personnel data that are out of scope.

We also added a Sync Status column on the Personnel page to explicitly showcase those that are able to re-enable IdP and HRIS sync. Go to the Personnel page and then select Detailed under the settings icon. 

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