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Week of April 1

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest Updates

TPRM AI Summaries

Note: This feature will be available for those who have purchased TPRM or have the Advanced Package.

Vendor AI questionnaire summaries help alleviate the burden of analyzing questionnaire responses by using AI to provide an:

  • Overview: General company details, compliance frameworks mentioned, and a high level breakdown of the security practices and tools the vendor use

  • Callouts: Include any questions that were unanswered, any incidents or security breaches, and any tools or practices the vendor is missing

  • Attachments: Any attachments or files that were included to answer a question in your questionnaire.

Learn more about AI summaries for vendor questionnaire responses or about our AI philosophies.

Azure and GCP for Custom Test with Adaptive Automation

You can create a custom test with AWS, Azure, and GCP connections. All existing data we collect for Azure and GCP will be supported. To learn more, go to Create custom test for adaptive automation.

  • Azure supported resources: Azure Blob Storage, Azure AD / Entra ID, Azure MySQL, Azure PostgreSQL, Azure SQL Managed Instance, Azure MariaDB, Azure CosmosDB, Azure Container Instances, Azure Kubernetes Services, Virtual Machines.

  • GCP supported resources: Memcache, Redis, SQL, Datastore, Memorystore, Storage Browser, IAM, VPC network, Storage, SQL monitoring, Pubsub, VM instance monitoring service, Kubernetes clusters, Security groups, WAF, Load balancing.


Compliance Overview CSV

Note: Ensure you are connected to an IDP and HRIS type connection. Some HRIS connections like OysterHR do not share manager information data through their API. If that is the case, the manager information is not displayed.

Compliance overview CSV download from the Personnel page includes manager information (manager name and manager external id).

Jira ticket automation

For admins that have Jira connect and multiple workspaces, you will receive a warning to change the workspace settings if the selected workspaces are not connected when creating an automation rule.

Policies with SLAs

SLAs are added after a version for the authored policies with SLAs is created. This allows for a more seamless experience.

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