The Drata Team

Week of April 15

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest Updates

Enhanced control mappings: Easily view, compare, and reset changes

Note: This does not affect your custom controls or requirements.

After customizing your control and requirement mappings or relationships, if you would like to go back to the default mappings that Drata provides, you can revert at any time. To learn more, go to Apply default mapping between controls and requirements or The Drata Control Framework & Requirement Relationship

Insights into Risks: Visualize your risks based on residual score

Filter based on inherent or residual score for the Risk posture, Risks heatmap, and Category breakdown visualizations. To learn more, go to Risk Management Insights or Risk Management: Residual Risk.


Edit custom test types

Quickly edit the fields, Test name and Description, for custom tests on the Monitoring page through its drawer.

Improved JQL setup messaging

Enhanced messaging about ticket count for JQL setup within Jira off-boarding automation.

Enhanced button colorĀ 

Clearer visuals cues for the Fix Now button on the Monitoring page.

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