The Drata Team

Week of April 22

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

Learn about the latest and newest features and updates every week. You can also visit the Roadmaps and Ideas page on our app to view upcoming releases or request new ideas.

Latest Updates

Improvements to make Drata easier to set up

Here are some improvements for customers who are setting up Drata for the first time:

  • We added a few questions that appear the first time you open Drata so our team can understand your goals and provide a better experience as you go.

  • We’ve made numerous improvements to Quick Start, including more detailed steps, improved ordering, and optional activities you can complete to get even more from Drata sooner. 

Add more customization to Risk Management with custom fields

If you’re an Admin with Risk Management, you’ll be able to create your own custom fields for a more customizable risk experience. Custom fields will also appear when you download risks for easy reporting. 

Just go to Custom Fields in Settings when you’re ready to try it out! Read our custom fields overview to learn more.

Support for international background checks with Checkr

Initiate international background checks with Checkr. Now, your international employees can initiate their own background checks during the onboarding process through My Drata. To learn more, go to Connecting Checkr to Drata.

Introducing the residual risk view for Risk Insights

Now you’ll be able to filter to residual risks to visualize the impact of your investment and mitigation plans, in addition to the existing inherent risk view. This allows you to more easily decide what adjustments you’d like to make. To try it out, go to Risk Insights and select Residual in the Risk posture section.


Policy Center improvements

We’ve renamed the Assigned header in the Details section of every policy to Personnel groups to make it clearer that policies are assigned through personnel groups.

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