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Week of April 8

AUTHOR: The Drata Team

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Latest Updates

GCP connection set up

Connect GCP connection with 3 steps by using our new Terraform Module or running a script in the GCP console. Ensure to provision a Domain wide delegation client in Google Workspace to pass Test 88.

Vendor bulk update

Upload a CSV file to update vendor information on the Vendor Directory page instead of manually updating each vendor. To learn more, go to Vendor Directory & Profiles.

Ticketing for Jira

  • Create multiple Jira connections with write access and create tickets using the different Jira instances.

  • Select from the multiple Jira connections when creating ticket automation or offboarding.

  • Add URLs from different Jira connections you made as evidence.

To learn more, go to Creating Jira Ticket in Drata.

User Access Review (UAR) Connection - Certn

Connect Certn user access review to Drata.


 Audit Hub

Displayed more data into control evidence packages for auditors. In the auditInfo.txt, the additional data points are: Personnel hired during period, Personnel terminated during period, and Personnel employed throughout period.

Event Tracking page raw JSON evidence

Added more data points to the Policy Owner Approved event:

  • Enabled or disabled status for email notification to all members¬†

  • Assignation (All, none, list of groups)

  • Versions

  • Policy Name

  • SLA

  • Policy Creation date

  • Description

Added more data points to the Policy Assigned to Specific Groups event:

  • List of groups selected

Personnel page status filter

Instantly clear status filters on the Personnel page.

KB4 connection drawer and Settings page

Displayed an informative banner in the KB4 connection drawer for any setup issues or steps that needs to be resolved.

Impact assessment on Vendors page

Ability to  select Cardholder Data (CHD) for data accessed or processed under Impact assessment section for each vendor.

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